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Racing Team Schroten to face new challenge



After the announcements were made for who was going to compete in the Career Ladder formulas for 2016, Racing Team Schroten discuss what's ahead for their Supercup campaign.

Racing Team Schroten will face some new exiting challenges for their 2016 career ladder campaign. After the GPVWC meetup in Berlin, the team found out that they were granted a spot in the Supercup Series. It will mark the return after 4 years in Formula Challenge. The teams last action was seen in the second half of the 2011 season, when the cars were still driven by the Schroten brothers themselves. The team then stepped down to Formula Challenge during preparations for the 2012 campaign, granting the spot to Malta Force. A lot has changed since then and the last few years have seen a rise in results from the Dutch based team.

The step up the ladder was however still much of a surprise for the team, as the group was already in the midst of planning out the details for a 5th Formula Challenge season. Drivers were found, and a multi-year growth strategy was laid out. When the team's name appeared on the SuperCup constructors list, alternations were quickly made.

Team manager Roy Schroten explains, "It was as much as a surprise for us as it was for everybody else. Due to some miscommunication in the application process, the team was placed on the list. We had been thinking about finally making our comeback to the second rank series, but with a great drivers' squad willing to drive Formula Challenge, we decided it would be best to stay back and grow for one more year."

"The move up in 2016 comes a year earlier than expected. After a long conversation with the drivers, we decided it would be best to move up to Supercup seeing the circumstances like moving over to a new gaming platform and the assigned cars. I have full faith in my driver's talent, and the atmosphere is very enjoyable within the team."

The drivers for the Dutch team were made after the 5 year anniversary video was shown. Roy quickly announced that the team's driving force would be exist of Pedro Gomes and Argenis Riera. Both drivers later submitted their statements after news was leaked that the team would move over to SuperCup.

Pedro told GPVWC media, "I'm eager to start the new season with RTS and the SC car. I feel optimistic about being in points scoring positions and hope to get some top five finishes throughout the year. The initial plan was to drive my first career ladder season in the FC, but various circumstances made me reconsider SC."

Argenis added, "I am very happy to be joining Racing Team Schroten for next season in the SC car and I hope to have a very good season. I would like to win races and fight for be up there scoring some decent points. I want to say thank you to the RTS team for the confidence they gave me."

Before handing the word back for press to ask some questions about the shocking return of the team, Roy had one last thing to add. The team's goals have of course been altered after the weekend's announcements. At first, we planned to battle for a possible top 3 in the Formula Challenge constructors championship. But knowing the talent these drivers have, it would be a waste to let it be unused. The career ladder is designed to allow teams to grow and the time has come for the team to take on the challenge to move up a formula.

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