The manager of the team is Roy Schroten. He is the co-founder, allong with his brother Mike Schroten. When Mike decided to make an own team, Roy took over all the management functions anf now is the proud owner of the team.

Roy Schroten

GPVWC Supercup

Gerard Batalla

I am delighted to return to the best championship, SuperCup category with the Schroten Team and with my brother, Eduard, as a team mate. With this I already complete my first target. Second target is that at Melbourne, first race, a classic one, I want to finish races scoring, adapting to rf2, as it is very different to rf1. The third target is to improve every race and learn from the best drivers in SuperCup, and to give the maximum points to the team and go as far as possible. It will be hard, but we are drivers, nothing is easy. My last target is to win, but that will be very complicated with the high level of the drivers of the SuperCup. To see Eduard on the top from the first race and help him with whatever I can. Thanks to Roy for the trust he has put in us. Let's go!

Patrick Kraus

My goal for the first half of the upcoming Supercup season will be to get back into simracing. I haven't played racing games for almost two years. I'll practice a lot and try to improve at every single race. For the first races, top ten finishes would be pretty good. Afterwards, I aim for top five finishes. We have to put in a lot of effort and if we do that, I'm pretty sure we will be able to achieve even more. I want to build up a good connection to my teammate Gerard and manager Roy. They did welcome me with open arms and for that I would like to thank them very much. I'm looking forward to race against those great drivers and I hope we will have a lot of fun this season.



Szymon Frelik


Roy Schroten


WCS Megane Trophy


Niranjan Kumar


Roy Schroten


Fun Facts
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  • Date Founded: June 16th 2011, 19:34:25 GMT+1

  • Founded By: Roy and Mike Schroten

  • Current Manager: Roy Schroten

  • First race: June 19th 2011 (GPRO The NASCAR Cup Series)

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