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Here you can see all the league's we are active in at the moment.

Click at the leagues' logo to go to their site

GPVWC Supercup

3rd Consecutive year in Supercup!

The GPVWC Supercup is the league's second oldest series with its roots being found in 2005.


The format of Supercup features a fifteen minute qualifying session followed by a 'Feature' then a 'Sprint' race. Utilising the intermediate level cars of the Career Ladder mod each year, the rounds take place every other Wednesday on Career Ladder weeks.

The series is aimed to act a stepping stone to Superleague for both teams and drivers. A reverse grid of between six to ten drivers for the Sprint Race provides a unique challenge to the top drivers and most experienced simracers should find their way well here.

GPVWC Master Series

Winter series of GPVWC


Brutal action with GT3 cars

WCS GP Series

Close racing in old A1GP-based Lola cars with a lot of power! Action and bumping guaranteed.

WCS Megane Trophy

Close racing in the Renault Megane Throphy cars, with regular fields of over 30 cars! Action and bumping guaranteed.

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