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Team lineups for World GT and World Sport Series announced






Two fields of 15 teams have been unveiled for the two independent series to take place in the early part of 2016: a mix of established and new teams grace the two competitions.

The GPVWC Management announced the two 15-team fields following a joint application process in which outfits were allowed to express their preference for either of the two series.

Most of the team\'s wishes have been fulfilled, with a small group of entries having to be disappointed due to the incredible demand for both series, which over the years have become mainstays of the GPVWC.

World GT entries

1. Scuderia Basilea (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)
2. TSA Racing (Vehicle: Chevrolet Corvette C7R)
3. ST Racing (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)
4. SimTech Jota Sport (Vehicle: Aston Martin Vantage)
5. Armaroli Racing Team (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)
6. Cosmo Autosport (Vehicle: Aston Martin Vantage)
7. FA Racing (Vehicle: Chevrolet Corvette C7R)
8. Ice Cold Racing (Vehicle: Chevrolet Corvette C7R)
9. MadCape Racing Team (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)
10. Racing Team Schroten (Vehicle: Chevrolet Corvette C7R) 
11. RPM Racing (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)
12. STAX Racing (Vehicle: Aston Martin Vantage)
13. Streetfighter (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)
14. Teafor Motorsport (Vehicle: Aston Martin Vantage)
15. TTF Racing (Vehicle: Ferrari 458)

World Sport Series entries
1. Enterprise GP
2. Vod:Bul Racing
3. Draig Racing
4. Ice Cold Racing
5. Measuric Racing
6. Epic Racing Team
7. YTF1
8. Cosmo Autosport
9. Viking Racing
10. Apex Racing
11. Edonis Engineering
12. EJ Engineering
13. Hinss Motorsport
14. Sportscar Driving Evolution
15. TR Motorsports

More information about livery submission and other details is available on the respective forums for the two series.

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