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RTS looking for 2013 drivers

In 2013 RTS is trying to be active in many leagues once again, but we can't do that without drivers. We have a couple of spots open.

The first spot is a seat in the 2013 GPVWC Formula Challenge season. You will drve with a experienced driver, which will be revealed soon. Pre-race testing and relaible drivers who turn up every race is a must, and we will help you ever way we can.

We are also looking for NASCAR drivers. In 2013 we once again enter the VE-NASCAR league. With close action and great drivers, every race is a spectacle! The league also broadcasts many of the races live! Mind that there are fixed setups and the league is German. We can and will help you if any language problems occur.

We are also looking to enter a Endurance team, probably i the P2 class. This is a new step for the team, and if you would like to try some endurance racing, this is the time to do. We don't look for fast drivers, but drivers who can compete in stints for over 2 hours. Ever wanted to try endurance racing, now is the time!

If you want to apply for one of these spots, feel free to contact us at

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