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RTS New Look


With the 2014 season over, it is now time for the 2015 preperations. The team is more thrilled than ever, and is working hard on the preperations for what promises to be a great season.


The team had a very strong season, especially in the GPVWC Formula Challenge season, where the team ended in a strong 6th position. But there is no time to relax as the silly season is continueing to suprize over the winter.


Roy said the following about the upcoming changes; "While we [the team] have had a great season, we have to continue to put in our effort to make sure we will be back even stronger for next years' campaign. This gives us the best oppurtinity to modernize the team, to improve our current services, and make it more interesting for fans and drivers to enjoy".












The first phase of this modernization is a new, modern logo. While the old one [made by Chris] fitted great with our team, it is now time to move on to a new era with the team. Another part of this first phase is to announce a new, cleaned up site. This helps us by offering a more proffesional look to the simracing community.


Other phases, yet to come, include a new driver line-up, possible new series, new sponsors and much more. All this is yet to be announced, so keep an eye out for more news.


Are you interested as a driver? We are always looking for new talend to make our team stronger. Contact us if interested!


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