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Summer break over, FC Spa report


With the summer break over, the team headed over to Spa for the first races after it's vacation. Ben and Mike were more than ever eager to strike, but luck wasn't with them.


The team tried to give their all as the Belgium track is the closest to The Netherlands of the season, making it a bit like their home track. A good qualify for Ben (6th) promised a lot, with Mike down in (18th). But nothing was wat it seemed.


Ben fell down the order fast as problems in the first lap caught him. Mike was driving in the top 15 when he got two game freezes, placing him back outside the points. A late overtake earned him one point (15th), while Ben fell outside the top 20. It would be the only point to score this weekend.


Race two promisde to be exiting as Mike drove 3rd with the leader having to come in for a jump start, but lagging prevented him of a good result once again, eventually having to retire. Ben had a lot of catching up to do, and did a great job, only to come one position short of points in 16th place.


There was speed for points, a possitive reminder of the quality of the team, but luck has yet to come. Let's hope the team will do better in Italy, at the temple of speed, Monza, in two weeks.

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