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It has been a while but we are planning to be more active from now on again. Our site and facebook is updated again and we will start to tweet again to keep you updated all the time.


With that said we will now update you on how things have gone for the last few months.



In the Formula Challenge Chris didn't manage to score any points from Austria, but does manage to finish every race. Franz has scored 4 podiums so far and is currently 15th in the standings. The team is 11th in the standings with 87 points. Lazaros filled in for Franz in Belgium as he is on a well deserved vacation. As Franz will have to miss the next two rounds as well, we signed Victor to drive the car in France and Germany.


In World GT the team didn't see the track a lot. One podium in Austria from Roy is the only time the team scored points, as Scott had some bad luck. The team is currently 20th in the standings with 20 points. The next race in Brno will see Roy on track, but it is still unclear whether there will be a second car on track or not.


Ben and Scott had some troubling time in the World Sport Series. Not beeing able to drive the last few races, the team is currently 22nd with 14 points. It is still unclear whether the team will be seen on track before the end of the season before the end of the season.



From now on we will have a montly update posted on our Facebook page and on the site.


Don't forget to check out our site and Facebook page, and please follow our Twitter account @teamschroten.

August Update

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