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(Team) Update


It has been a while, but here is a new update.


There is going to be a new re-organisation in the team. We are currently looking to make the team bigger by joining alliances and looking for other leagues. A new site is worked on, as well as a whole new look for the team.


So, going for a further update on our current activities. In Formula Challenge Ben is at a 7th place in the drivers standings, followed by Mike in p13. The team is 6th, a great job seeing the strong field. Mike scored a podium, the first one of the season, in Canada.


World Sport Series saw Boyd Bryson take the first points in Austria. The newcomer to the series and team replaced Gomez, who can't drive the remainder of the season. Meanwhile William is doing a solid job, but hasn't been able to score any points yet.


We will update you more regulary from now on, as well as notifiing you on new team development.

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